9 Jan 2016

10 most amazing tips for great website design

A website is the most basic tool which represent your company’s internet presence. Your website is the anchor on which the ability of your business to attract customers rests. Apart from many other factors, it is the basic website design of a website that plays the most vital role in attracting a perspective client to your website and then makes them keep coming back for more.

A great website design is just not simply about great graphics or flowery content on your landing or home page. There are lots of factors which contribute to a great website design. Here are 10 amazing tips for a great website design:

  • It’s a game of 5 seconds. Remember! A viewer would just stick to an uninteresting website for no more than 5 seconds. That is your window of opportunity to entice a customer. You have to design your website in a way that a viewer must be attracted enough to stick on and answer to your call to action.
  • Deliver a quick, clear and prompt The baseline objective of any website is to communicate with the customers and deliver your business message. Be crisp, concise and prompt in your message in as few a words as possible.
  • Ensure a clear call to action. The ultimate goal of your website design is converting your viewer into a client. The most appropriate way of doing that would be to invite your visitors to complete an action of your choice. This is called call to action. Your call to action must be unambiguous and attractive enough for a visitor to promptly answer.
  • Project a trust worthy image. It is an open secret that consumer looks for products or services which they trust. Same is valid for your website design. Make statements which are realistic and believable. A valid phone number, helpline, office address and similar features lends credibility to your website
  • Don’t let the tempo to die down. Keep your website active with great content, offers and promotions. Years or even month old postings depict lack of interest on your part.
  • Link it with social media. Website design features of your site must allow its linking with social media blogs and webpages. This is your free ticket to great advertising.
  • Keep it smooth and flowing. Visitors hate dead ends and illogical flow of content. Make them sail through your website design at ease, they would love to comeback for more. Design your website layout in a simple and user friendly manner.
  • Post some cool videos. Videos are fun. They carry all the visual and audio means to deliver your message in a pleasant and interesting manner. Insert decent number of videos in your website design to make it user friendly and attractive
  • Love user and not thyself. Your website represents you in interaction with perspective customers. Cater for what they like to see rather than what you want them to see. A healthy mix of both would ensure optimal results should be part of your .
  • Stick to what is trending. What is trending at one time simply means it is selling as well. Base your website design on the latest hot trend in the consumer preferences. Too much innovation can be damaging for your website design.


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