5 Jan 2016

Why website is a must for your business

There were over 1 billion websites online an year back from now. Isn’t it Amazing? Not at all. It is obvious and understandable. Over half the world population today has internet access. More than 50% of the internet users are always online with on the go connectivity and million shop online every day. All the smart businesses in the world know these facts and they have a great online presence.

If you are one such business owner, who consider your business too small for an online presence (a website or webpage) then you cannot be more mistaken. If you have never heard of terms like Web Design, SEO Service, Web Development, WordPress, Hosting, Managed Websites, Business Cards, Posters, CMS-driven web design, Ecommerce web design, Social Media web design, Web Maintenance etc, then surely you are lagging far behind in the race of smart business management. You need an immediate online presence in form of a website.

Here some great reasons to tell you why website is a must for your business:

You Are Connecting To the Greatest Marketplace on Earth

As per modest estimates, over 2 billion humans congregate online every day, many of them for finding products and services to buy. Many more look for localized services and products. Can you afford your business not showing up to such a large customer base?

It is cheap

If you happen to own a medium size business then your monthly power bills would exceed your cost of building and maintaining a nice website. Believe me, its that cheap. No other mode of advertisement and marketing can be as cheap and effective as building a website.

It never sleeps

It is one segment of your business presence which is always up and about, literally 24/7. You may have working hours but your social media accounts website would remain accessible 24/7/365. Means this segment of your business remains open always, no vacations, no late openings and no hassles. Since your webpage is always operational, it is convenient for your customers to approach you at ease. No other business mode or operation offers this kind of flexibility.

It does not get more convenient than this

logically you would love to buy where you can reach easily. No traffic jams, no stores closed signs, no need to carry cash in wallet and no hazards to surmount. It is way more convenient for your client to connect with you from anywhere and buy online. If you happen to own a small business then websites can multiply your sales or business at an amazingly low cost.

It makes you more Credible

It is extremely usual for buyers these days to consult internet to read the reviews about any product before going to buy it. It is more so for a little more expensive products. With all those offers and benefits of your product posted on your website, you don’t need a salesman to introduce your product to hungry client base. Reviews from your satisfied clients would convince anyone reaching your page to go buy your product off the shelves.

Compete with the big boys

The most amazing aspect of online marketing is that it provides you a level playground to compete with big and mighty of your business (as long as you abide by the rules). Your competitors would not enjoy any undue advantage over you since you can post as effectively on your website as they can.

The Bottom line

By now you have a basic introduction to the importance of creating and maintaining your own business website. Here are some useful links to help you in creating a business website of your own.

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For any other website related information and queries please click following links

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  1. Hello, This is a really nice looking site. Are you a website designer or did someone make this lovely design for you?

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