10 Mar 2016


Building an SEO optimised website has much more to do with making your Site search engine friendly, it’s also about making your site appealing to your users. There are many rules to follow in creating an SEO optimized website; it requires more than just your creativity but also discipline and patience. A lot of people just create websites just like that; throw in everything they can find just to generate traffic. Well, let me break it to you: NO SEARCH ENGINE WILL SEE YOU.

The benefit of SEO on a website is it boosts the ranking of the site so that the contents will be placed where searchers will easily find it. Optimizing a website is a complex task and it’s advisable to get the services of a professional. However, there’s nothing that can’t be learnt; so once you understand the basic concepts of SEO optimization; you can do it yourself.


To do SEO there are a number of factors you must ensure you take note of on your website:

Structure of your website

The structure with which your website is built on plays an important role is how optimized your website will be. Search engines take into consideration several structural elements such as Page title, title-tags, meta-tags, heading-tags, file names and other tags. The tags represent a presentation of your website contents and since your presentation says everything you have to offer, it’s important to make them stand out THE RIGHT WAY.


  • Add catchy and attractive titles/headlines
  • Use the most important keywords in your title tags at a minimum
  • Use words that best describe each page offerings in your meta-tags
  • Make your tags and titles as less wordy as possible
  • Make your URL SEO friendly
  • Write your headings in easy-to-understand grammar.

Content of your website

The content of your website is your website product which explains the expression: “content is king”. Hence, it has to be made as presentable as possible. While the form in which the contents are arranged plays a vital role in a website’s optimization, the contents itself is equally important. So, before creating your content, you need to consider who your target audience is, their needs and how you can meet those needs.


  • Make quality over quantity your watchword
  • Know your relevant keywords; make a proper research
  • Use those keywords reasonably; include each at most 3 times in your write-ups
  • Use excellent grammar
  • Don’t plagiarize; originality is very important
  • Be flexible in your writing
  • Update your contents on a regular basis
  • Make your contents easy to read and understand
  • Write on topics you are familiar and comfortable with and
  • Make your contents FUN to read.

The factors discussed above are mere tips to follow as regards your website’s on-page factors; Off-page, you need to promote your website. Know where your target audience hangs out and contact them, it could be through social media sites, blogs and other online communities. In order words Get the word out; create an awareness of your website.


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